Boston Dynamics

Is it a dog? Is it a robot?..... well it’s a bit of both!

Boston Dynamics have released a launch video of their latest robot, Spot.

The company’s most notorious creation was a quad legged robot that could carry 180kg and tackle challenging terrain that was intended for use with the US military but never made it to service due to it being too noisy and was discontinued.

Spot has a similar design to its predecessor but is smaller and sleeker with the same strange legs. Spot can climb stairs and move over rough ground at a speed of 3 miles per hour. Spot can also correct itself if it falls over.

The battery life lasts up to 90 minuets and can be swapped out easily. It has 14kg carry capacity and has stereo cameras to avoid obstacles as demonstrated in this video,

 The robot comes with a programmable API and is aiming to be the base platform from other devices such as a robot arm that is still in development.