Last Monday the cyber security company Cloudflare withdrew its protection services from 8chna and minuets later the site was unreachable due to DDOS attacks. 8chan users have been reported as inciting hate speech as well as celebrating mass shootings.

The owner of 8chan release a video on YouTube stating that he had worked with law enforcement agencies to comply with the law and described his website as a ‘blank page’ for users to share their thoughts and views.

When Cloudflare removed its protection services from 8chan the website was then vulnerable distributed denial of service attacks. The website was then inundated with heavy traffic until the site was unusable. In response to this 8chna switched to BitMitigate, also a cyber security protection company. BitMitigate is owned by another company called Epik. 

8chan assumed this would be the end of there problem, however Epik and BitMitigate rely on infrastructure provided by Voxility and due to the recent bad press surrounding 8chan, they decided to drop Epik and BitMitigate from their network.

8chan users have now been forced to find a new home, allegedly close to a million users. However, one of the admins of 8chan has said the they are trying to get the website available again through the dark web but users would need to use specific software to do this.